About Us

Passionate about Motorsport?

We love it. 

Why it all Started.

Revs Unlimited came about because of Covid 19.  When I was furloughed from work I saw this as an opportunity to turn my dream into a reality. A few months earlier I had started a motorsport Youtube Channel. I was visiting race circuits and interviewing drivers, owners and teams. I met some great people and rode in some fantastic sports cars.  Click to see ( My YouTube Channel ). 

First I needed a great looking website. Clean, smart and easy to use. Thereafter my next and ongoing challenge is to get Revs Unlimited  known. Initially I had access to the tracks but as Covid restrictions worsened, I stayed home and built a huge data base of contacts.

Where are we heading?
Millions of people from all over the world either follow or participate in motorsport. There are only a few places online where Motorsport enthusiasts and racing professionals can find, buy or sell race cars, bikes, go karts. other motorsport vehicles and associated items. We hope you will become a regular visitor of Revs Unlimited.  To see our current listings you can tour our Classifieds now.

We have links to motorsport clubs, race tracks, racing drivers and race teams. So if you want to know about a race driver? How long is a particular circuit? Our  Links and Info pages can help you find the answer. 

For the motorsport enthusiasts you can buy gifts and motorsport accessories, it’s like etsy for the motorsport world. It’s not my shop, I am an affiliate, but it really helps if you you link there from me. Visit the shop now, you won’t be disappointed.

Send in your Video Snippets
And finally we want you to get involved; We will start creating video snippets for various categories. We will keep you posted. But, if you have any ideas to help us improve or grow, please let us know. Have you any classic video footage? Can you like Revs Unlimited on our social media pages? And will you subscribe? All of these will help us grow.  

Thank you for spending your time with us at REVS UNLIMITED